My Hip Mom
I am not sure if its midlife crisis or just a tantrum women in their 40s throw, but it is starting to annoy me. My mom has started a fashion sense that will have Lady Gaga cheering her on, and that is not even a good thing! So I have made a smart move on lowering her enthusiasm for extreme color and clothing and started by buying her Women's Bomber jackets in different designs and collar cuts. It sure has toned down her Gaga issues. Good thing there's Women's Bomber jackets!
Elise Angelie Patuasic

Grampa's Grand Surprise
I grew up listening to my grandfather's stories of the war and how he was a witness to it all. He was not one of the brave soldiers fighting, but he was young enough at that time to know how they were in real danger. Now that he is turning 96 years old in 4 days, I purchased him a brown Bomber jacket for men that I'm sure he'll cherish. It has that old school Pilot look that will definitely remind him of his brave old days. Happy Birthday Gramps!
Michael Roy Lopez

Still My Baby Brother
The family's youngest, my 21 year old brother is moving out this weekend. He's the only one left at home among us 5 children and I know it's gonna be a tearjerker. So I went through some Bomber jackets for men and found one I know will have him longing for home at times. I'm going to slip this under his pillow on his last night at home to make it all the memorable. I just know he'll love his Bomber jacket for men! Can't wait to see him in it...
Bridgee Morgan

For A Friend...From A Friend.
I won! My best friend and I always bet on the silliest things, and I always lose! I don't understand how he wins every time. But then, I won for a change The bet was for us to buy a gift that would have the opponent speechless. The one who fails to react loses.I didn't have a clue that he's been trying to look for Bomber jackets for men, so when I pulled out my gift, he lost! His gift would have had me the loser but then I always knew he had feelings for me.Thanks!
Now Mrs. Michaels

My Gesture Of Appreciation For Dad
I'm 24 years old and was the only child for 10 years before Mom finally got pregnant again. Because of the extra time I got to spend with dad, we became extra close. Now that I'm married, I don't see him as often as I used to. He's always traveling and I figured that a great Bomber Jacket for men would be the perfect gift for him. I did buy him one and he was all smiles upon receiving it. It's that look that he has every time he's caught off guard. Thanks Bomber jackets!

Kim Gretchen